vrijdag, juni 26, 2015

An Ad Hominem Attack from Bernheim & Vermeersch

The Flemish newspaper De Morgen has been discrediting me for three years now. Today this newspaper gave Bernheim & Vermeersch the opportunity to publish an ad hominem viewpoint where they show no empathy at all and where they attack me enormously. I have never spoken with these two people although I have questioned the work of Bernheim in the scientific literature because I don't think that what he has published is a good example of true science. And yes, I do think now that Vermeersch is not practicing scientific thinking. He has no other arguments than to attack me personally without ever having had a conversation with me. From now one, I will continue to question these nihilistic thinkers who can't bear criticism and I will continue to ask questions about what's truly happening in my country. See for yourself via http://www.demorgen.be/opinie/overhaaste-euthanasie-geloof-niet-alles-wat-the-new-yorker-schrijft-a2376922/

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